Benefits of SMS marketing

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With the changing world of technology that have several options of each and everything makes it hard for companies to get recognized. With evolving world and technologies, people have become picky about the products they like and the ones that they would want to use, it is now in the hands of media and its power to make sure that the audience is aware of you and your brand’s existence.

So, in order to get recognized, you need to make sure that with the help of software development Dubai, you are using the services of bulk SMS marketing which help you in making people aware about yourself by sending out promotional messages and information about your shops and its new products.

Some major benefits are listed below:

Instant delivery

One of the obvious facts about SMS marketing is that it delivers the texts instantly. It is proven that within 7 seconds, an SMS will be delivered to the recipient making it hassle free and carefree for companies from the scare of not reaching at all. You can easily say that there are no restrictions in between that would make the job difficult.

A platform

SMS marketing provides you with a platform where you can get your brand recognized. It also gives you a customization options which makes it easier to review a promotional or transactional message again and again, furthermore, it offers you a large group of numbers that allows you to text the targeted audience or suitable customers, keeping the message which you want to convey, in your mind.

High chances of being read

One thing in which email marketing is not so good is its chances of being read which are very low as compared to SMS marketing. Almost 97% of promotional messages such as coupons or messages informing about discount are opened within 5 minutes of being received which is a very high number if you compare it to email marketing which has only 22% of reading chances let alone taking action on it.

Honestly, this list of benefits is nothing as opposed to all the advantages that SMS marketing provides to its users for boosting their business and getting recognized by the audience by making sure that they are aware of your services.