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Change your perception about interior designing

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There are several facts about interior designing are in the air but to become an interior designer and to make a residential interior design in Dubai, you have to change these misconceptions. There comes a time in start of your career when people may ask your services for their luxury penthouse interior design for free. You may will to do that but the advice for you is to never do that. You have to charge a certain amount; it is admissible to charge a low amount but never work for free. If you work for free to one of your relative or friends then there will come a long list of people who want the same form you and in this case you will be in serious trouble. Always remember that you are putting your efforts and working hard and you deserve to get something of value in return. You will get less money in start of your career but you have to be consistent and always try to learn something new each day. This will increase your productivity and also your experience. Another main thing is that never feels disappointed or dishearten when any one dislikes your work or pay you less due to mistakes. See this thing as a positive criticism and then try to find out your mistakes by yourself and then solve them. Take your each mistake is a chance to grow further in your field.

If you want to become popular then you need to show a positive attitude along with the best work. If you deal your customers nicely then they will come to you again and again also get more customers for you. But if your deal them rudely then no matter how fine your work is, they will never come back to you. You have to listen to their requirements carefully and then advise them according to your knowledge, if you think that if you work exactly according to their requirements then you have to convince them to make some changes. You should convince them with a good attitude and in such a way that they will not feel it offensive rather they feel that you are their well-wisher and giving them the best advice and after that satisfy them with your good work.

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