Dubai is full of famous sightseeing spots. here’s are few examples

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Dubai is one of the best holiday destination spots which has been offering a wide range of benefits for its tourists. If one has visited Dubai several times then they must have noticed a variety of new things. Dubai keeps on adding a wide range of structures to its existing infrastructural showcase. It also provides several other options like spectacular sightseeing buildings, some delightful beaches, outstanding societies, luxurious malls and much more.

One can visit all these marvelous places including a private desert safari Dubai. Most of the people love visiting morning desert safari Dubai because it has been offering one of the most adventurous and thrilling activities this includes camel ride, delicious food, sand boarding and much more.

People can begin their Dubai tour by visiting some of the famous sightseeing spots. Some of these best attractive and famous spots to include in your bucket list are as follow.

Jumeirah Mosque

This is one of the best aesthetically built mosque. It has always been viewed as one of the prime examples of modern day’s “Islamic architectural world”. This mosque can be recognized easily due to the presence of its two outstanding minarets. This spectacular place has a flawless dome that has been photographed exceptionally by a wide range of travelers.

Sheik Saeed’s Home

It is another worth visiting place that one should surely include in their sightseeing package. This house is situated near to Dubai’s seashore. It is a palace-like house which was truly built so the Sheikh can easily view a number of shipping including trading activities which were taking place in his particular territory. The house even has one of the most significant images of a building which portrays local architecture.


It is an ancient time residential quarters present in the fabulous city of Dubai. A number of tourists visit this place every now and then because one can experience the old times of Dubai here. This place does not have any sort of contemporary world’s shopping centers. It does not even include top sky-touching buildings.

Dubai Museum

It is one of the best places that one can surely visit in Dubai. It is also quite popular among a number of tourists because of its awesome building structures. It was initially developed for Dubai’s local rulers.

These are one of the top places that one should surely visit in Dubai.

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