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What role does food play in diabetes?

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Meal in general is built of 3 main components: carbohydrates, fat and protein which make up for a calorie packed diet. Calories is basically energy which allows your blood cells to function properly and also prevent several thyroid problems in Dubai that could be surfacing but you are unaware of.

Maintaining a healthy diet through balanced meal is very important for every individual but it becomes a necessity for those who suffer through diabetes. You can consider food a tool which will shield and protect you from several life threatening problems but if that same tool is misused, it can cause an opposite reaction. 

A balanced diabetes diet plan Dubai can help you in keeping your glucose sugar level maintained in your bloodstream, control blood pressure and cholesterol levels and keep a check on weight making sure that it is increased and decreased in a healthy manner.

Your first step to establishing a healthy diet is to get in touch with a registered nutritionist who will plan a customized diet plan for you by keeping your medical history and current condition in check. They will provide you with a specific amount of meal that you can have in a day and foods that you should avoid and can eat. It is good to stick with that diet plan and make sure that you follow it with strictness.

Here’s a tip that will get you through this plan and that tip is to have a variety of food in a single day so that you can get a little of everything and make sure that you don’t skip any meals because that way your stomach sends empty signals to the brain indicating to eat which results in over eating even though you didn’t need that much food. You can divide your food into 5 portions and have with an interval of some time. This way you will be full with energy at all times.

Sweet dishes and desserts are extremely harmful for your health that’s why you should avoid them at any cost. You can substitute it with healthy fruits because the sweetness present in them won’t be as harmful as artificial flavourings. Make sure to keep your salt in check as well. Too much of salt can be very harmful for your diabetes.